29% of global neonatal deaths occur in Africa
Adherence to an effective antiretroviral therapy regimen reduces the risk of transmitting HIV to an uninfected sexual partner by 96%
Almost 78% of diabetes in African countries is undiagnosed and untreated
the highest proportion in the world

Our mission

A significant proportion of current solutions that aim to improve access to medicines are based on the philanthropic donations of medicines to African countries. Many of the existing initiatives for improving access to medicines are important for meeting short-term health needs.  However, they tend to have a narrow focus, which does not support national health priorities of countries. Furthermore, African countries currently rely heavily on individual countries for the supply of affordable generic medicines. But the future ability of these countries to continue supplying African countries with affordable generic medicines is likely to be constrained by the obligations of their membership to the World Trade Organisation as well as pressure from bilateral partners.

In order to have a lasting and sustainable impact on the health needs of African countries, solutions to the problem of poor access to medicines should not be vulnerable to such pressures and they need to go beyond the philanthropic donation of medicines.

Our mission is to promote public-private partnerships between governments, the private sector, and civil society in order to establish sustainable ways of providing low-cost, high-quality medicines to the people who need them the most in African countries. 

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Medicines for Africa

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Email: info@medicines4africa.org



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